Outdoor Cats

And what about outdoor cats – not the stray kind but the kind that respond to a name, are a pet, maybe even have a collar or an ID chip? The kind that roam outdoors whenever they please (and are let out) for as long as they wish; usually straying not too far from their ‘home’ and usually only eating whatever their humans give them and not just anything thrown their way.

And what about outdoor cats that do seem to refuse to be owned, will eat at other doors and sleep who-knows-where but return from time-to-time to assure you that you are still (one of) their humans. a shared cat?

And what about stray cats who have lost their home, are unsure where they belong but are used to human company and love?

And what about feral cats you dare only approach if you are ‘qualified’ – hissing and growling, they are elusive, used to hunting and eating on their own. With the tips of their ears frostbit and their coat a little unkempt – what about them?

You see where I’m going with this? Don’t cats make the subject matter a little more endearing?

Oh look! She is purring – I think she likes you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me for a brief moment, I shall fetch our tea.

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