The Favours

Now, if you’ve taken a moment to consider the previous posts, then:

Please, as we recline on this carpet –  woven with fibers from the earth, harvested, cleaned and prepared, dyed and woven, transported and marketed, with hardship and cooperation at every level –   with one beautiful example of a favour (the cat), let’s take a moment to listen to Surah Rahman from the Qur’an and imagine yourself reclining on a Carpet of immense beauty; a pure Carpet, clean and comfortable. And as we listen, let’s consider the favours and what it might take for us to get from this carpet to that One?

First, let’s listen to it with our eyes open, reading the translation, keeping our heart as open as we can to the recitation of the words in Arabic. Then, we can listen to it one more time, this time with our eyes closed, absorbing the words fully with our hearts.


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