Tell me, have you thought about this: is it the indoor cat that would speak about and for all cats and what it means to be a cat? Or, is it the outdoor cat? Who speaks? Who gets to identify, represent and define cats? Perhaps it is the tortie, the short-hair domestic, the Siamese, the Russian blue, the rag-doll, the manx, etc. ? Perhaps it is the wild cats like the lion or the cheetah or the panther or the bob-cat, etc.? Or perhaps it is an ancestor, a legend, like the saber-toothed tiger?

Would the manx cat be able to identify with the cheetah and to what degree? Would the saber-toothed tiger have ever cared for the tortie (perhaps as food)?

If we limit knowledge to context, time or perceived physical qualities, then within those limits an indoor cat speaks for indoor cats, the  ancestor of cats speaks for all cats, the manx speaks on behalf of tail-less cats etc. Are we fooling ourselves with these artificial limits on who can speak, identify, define and guide? What about the indoor cat that becomes an outdoor cat; or the manx that bears a kitten with a tail; or whatever existed prior to the saber-toothed tiger? How rigid can we really make these artificial limits?

What happens when we remove the limits? Who speaks then? Who is the One that Knows All there is to know about cats and everything else?

There can only be One source of Knowledge.

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