2 or 3 nights ago, the night sky was filled with Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). SubhanAllah, what a beautiful favour.

Just today, I came across a Prairie Merlin munching on a Richardson’s Ground Squirrel. SubhanAllah, what a beautiful favour.

While I wait for the hawks, owls, eagles, pelicans, robins and other birds to migrate back I see the occasional flicker, and almost daily I see geese flying in formation – sometimes close enough over-head that if you listen, you can hear them part the air with their wings. SubhanAllah, what beautiful favours.

As I hike, I pay attention to the littlest movement and search and wait for the regeneration of colour in the hills, fields and mountains… wait for all the beautiful wildflowers and creatures to re-emerge and fill my senses. SubhanAllah, what beautiful favours.

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