Intricacies Unseen

Have you ever peered through a microscope at something simple like a snowflake or a feather? SubhanAllah, the intricate patterns are breathtaking. Even the tiny organisms that can potentially help or harm us – SubhanAllah, extraordinarily awesome! Such variety, such complexity, such intricate detailing hidden in everything big and small.

Even if we were worlds unto ourselves, we would remain insignificant and so intimately tied to everything in, on, and around us. SubhanAllah – that we can contemplate and comprehend our insignificance within our own being is a favour to be grateful for.

What a Merciful favour on us that we are able to contemplate our state of being both outside and within our own bodies, we are able to peer into creation and see the intricate interconnections and yet by His Mercy we are also able to remain outside of it all (through contemplation), in deep comprehension of our place – a place of insignificance, of passing, of transition, of impermanence.  Surely, these favours are not lost on those whose contemplation is linked to deep comprehension.

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