Oceans in the Sky

Have you ever come across marine fossils while hiking high up in the mountains? SubhanAllah, what unexpected and extraordinary discoveries that fill one with awe! Standing there, at the top, it is so much easier to feel insignificant and to feel the profound significance of the discovery as it penetrates your comprehension.

Even if Earth is but a tiny insignificant speck in a vast universe, and we are that much more minute, that we can contemplate and comprehend our insignificance and the vast infinity outside of our own being (which we hold to be so valuable) is a favour to be grateful for.

Oh, to contemplate at the top of a mountain the Power that thrust a sea bed up towards the sky. Oh, to hold a piece of rock with the imprint of a time long gone. Surely, these favours are not lost on those whose contemplation is linked to deep comprehension.

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