Limits and Beyond

There is that which we can see, hear, touch, smell, taste and the way that information is processed and comes back to us – not only as that which is being perceived but also the way it is being perceived and what significance it may hold for us.

Then there is that which is beyond the capacity of most of our senses but, by the Grace of Allah (SWT), we’ve come to know about some of these things. Just think: if Allah (SWT) had not given us these senses and placed limits on them, what could we perceive? That said, our sensory capacity may be limited but subhanAllah, our capacity to learn and gain in knowledge about ourselves and all creation, past and present, is only contingent on Allah’s Infinite Will.

Here we are, today, at a point where we are able to talk about things beyond our physical capacity to perceive, unaided. We talk about those things our eyes can not detect, we talk about those sounds and scents that appear to be imperceptible to us; we also talk about our own limits: sounds we are unable to produce, what we are unable to see, what we are unable to taste or smell etc. Here we are, today, devising tools to send sounds, images, scents and objects further than we would have been able to, undaided. Alhamdulillah.

We may not have the physical capacity to differentiate certain scents, colours, tastes, textures and sounds yet, by the Grace of Allah (SWT), we are able to study them, know about them, imagine them and talk about them. Alhamdulillah, we know they exist outside of our being but our knowledge will always remain limited.

So – which of His favours will we deny?

Allah (SWT) is the Creator of all things. His knowledge is Absolute.  He is All-Knowing and All-Seeing – He is the Only Knower of both the seen and the unseen.