Conversion from, Reversion to

As we walk along the path of life, shoulder-to-shoulder with others, some of us stop and look around.

We come to the realization that ‘oops, everyone is going this way but something tells me this is not the path I should follow.’ We look around, searching for signs, seeking the right path. That’s when we start to encounter problems as we push against the flow of people, bumping into them as we try to navigate our way out of the mass and into a clearing.

While the initial moments of coming to realize something is not quite right and struggling within ourselves (switching from one world-view to another) is difficult; physically changing and going against the flow of life that you and others have been accustomed to seeing you in is that much harder. Then, making it out to the clearing, we sometimes feel alone, unsure and isolated… that is, until we find the right path and community.

Making a complete change in lifestyle and identity can sometimes feel daunting and impossible. That said, once we overcome that initial struggle and are led to the right path and the right community, by the Grace of Allah (SWT), things become much easier.

The importance of community can not be emphasized enough. Islam is all about community – our struggles, our trials-and-tribulations play out within the context of community. We strive to live according to Islam, as guided by Allah (SWT). We strive for perfection and as we journey towards falah (both as individuals and as a community) we learn to submit to His Will – which is a gradual process for us all.