I hope you enjoy the following poem as much as I do.



If I am a ship then you are the anchor of gold
Keeping the ship in place against storms so bold

If I am a buzzing bee than you are the perfumed flower
Taking from the rose’s riches, nourished by His Love and Power

If I am a parched land then you are the spring rain
Watering my dying heart and alleviating my pain

If I am a traveler then you are my companion, my friend
Holding my hand to guide me, all the way till the end

That our souls were to meet was not by mistake
It was decreed by our Creator as ultimate fate

For benefit it has for this seeker’s heart
In this world and the next, let us not be apart


Another poem dedicated to those who are friends for the sake of Allah Ta'aala. 
Truly such friends are a rare and precious commodity that should be valued.


Re-blogged with permission from Thorn in a Rose Garden.

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