Feeling Mighty?

~Stand beside a mountain, that should help.

Feeling despair (about your situation)?

~Think about the trials and tribulations of others, that should help.

Feeling certain (about tomorrow)?

~Think about your faults and wrong actions of yesterday, that should help.

Feeling invincible (and careless)?

~Visit a graveyard, read a biography of a person long gone – that should help.

Feeling patient (enough so that you are convinced nothing can shake it)?

~Tend to the needs of a flock of sheep in an open meadow, that should help.

Feeling lost? Feeling confused? Feeling like the chaos is getting to you? Feeling a resistance – as if you’re working against the grain of being – pushing limits looking for liberation only to find that it requires the pushing of more and more limits while liberation, ever so elusive, appears within reach yet remains unreachable? Yearning for a love beyond comparison? Yearning for companionship beyond that you’ve ever known?

The answer is and always has been there – Islam.

Seek it. Learn it. Hold tight to it – the rope of Islam – and strive towards falah.

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