Mmm it smells wonderful!

Roses smell good, don’t they? To me, they smell wonderful… the scent of a rose is enough to relax me and bring on beautiful, peaceful thoughts.

You might know that some things smell like roses when they aren’t roses at all but did you know that there is bark that has a rose-like scent?

Okay… so perhaps you knew that. What about roots? Did you know that some plants have roots that smell like roses? SubhanAllah!

Take silverweed for instance. The root has a rose scent.  Not only that, what we see as little yellow flowers actually appear as two-tone flowers to insects like bees. The plant is useful for creation in so many ways and by uncovering its uses and secrets we can learn so much. SubhanAllah!

Silverweed – as it appears to us (left) and as it appears to a bee (right) demonstrated here as an ultraviolet image.

What about rose-root? While fresh root is scentless, when dried it smells like roses. SubhanAllah! This plant too is useful in so many different ways and Allah (SWT) has uncovered some of its secrets for us so that we may benefit from it. Alhamdulillah!

With so many favours enveloping us, so many favours to be grateful for, which of these can any of us deny?

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