Insha’Allah, I will be taking a new direction with my blogging; feel free to also follow me at Striving Towards Falah (on google sites).

Ah, life’s journey… we try to fool ourselves staying put in one place, building ‘permanent’ structures, taking a holiday every so often to coax ourselves into believing we have total control over our own existence, time and space… tsk tsk… we are all moving towards something else – propelled, as it were, and in limited control of our destination – limited to decisions we make along the way and limited to existence as granted by Allah Ta’aala – decisions known only to the All Knowing, propelled into existence by He who is Omnipotent, and in whose hands is all power – the Most Powerful.

Falah rests in His control. He has given us the tools to attain it. Even when we trip and make mistakes, He, in His Infinite Mercy, gives us opportunity after opportunity to make things right… He makes it so that Falah is easily attainable yet we must strive and must strive always in ways that are most pleasing to Him.

Striving towards Falah, where there is no further need to strive.

Peace to you all.

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