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  1. Thoughts on humility:
    * first and foremost, it is total submission to Allah Ta’aala.
    * then, the recognition that we are not above any of Allah Ta’aala’s creation
    * apology fits in here in that we recognize that perhaps our pride (antonym of humility) is what adds to situations where an apology may be warranted and then the same pride is what holds us back from actually apologizing. One way to connect this point to the previous two: we humble ourselves to Allah Ta’aala in prayer but then we turn around and display pride to His creation.
    * connected to the last point is, knowing that we are never complete in our knowledge and knowing that what we do know, came from outside our being and that others may know things we don’t know but that we all have the potential of gaining more knowledge and experience through effort.
    * being modest (not seeking recognition, loudly displaying our accomplishments etc., or even seeking to out-do the other, or seeking to at least do what the other does – tit-for-tat as referred to in the translation here) in our dealings with others.
    * respecting the other person’s space and time is also a part of humility.
    * another key component of humility is pulling one’s weight or helping – putting in due effort to whatever task is at hand – but not advertising it, just doing what needs to be done while keeping the other person in mind (looking at the issue from their point of view, putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes).
    *… and connected with all of the above listed is hayya.

    Insha’Allah, more control over our nafs would help us decrease our pride and increase our humility and therefore insha’Allah our submission to Allah Ta’aala, modesty, respect, effort, and hayaa would be positively affected.

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