The Adab of Learning – Part I

It was out of eagerness to help others, to do as much as she possible could to earn His pleasure that the student left patience and ignorantly (albeit with good intentions) stepped into a situation without proper preparation but more importantly – without seeking permission from and consulting with her teachers. Her teachers have a right over her, as do those she haphazardly tried to help.

1400+ years of Islamic tradition covers a lot – including the chain and adab of learning. When it comes to learning itself, the student is learning the virtue of patience and proper action.

One comment

  1. Alhamdulillah, she was not reprimanded but rather came face-to-face with the situation on her own – acknowledged it in light of what she was learning at the time. I can not say more than this as it is a private matter.

    Khayr, but the point of the post is to highlight the need to consult and seek permission from our elders (be it elder by virtue of age, or elder by virtue of knowledge) before jumping into action insha’Allah.

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