Ataturk, Snowden & Dajjal – Age of Deception

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requesting you to write something about #snowden , would like to hear your #perspective on the #issue, Insha’Allah


Your questions serve to reveal my ignorance. My reply is that I do not know the reality of this man. However, as you enquired on my perspective I shall share some thoughts on how I view current events.


The past century of deception

In studying ancient history, I find that the question marks, the unknowns, are due to lack of records, sometimes deliberate. For example, if memory serves me right, it was almost 20 years ago that I looked up the voluminous Cambridge History of Persia. It details 5 millennia of history, yet is mysteriously silent on the details of 1502 when Shāh Ismā‘īl proclaimed the land Rāfiḍī. It bothered me that there was no names to the regents ruling Persia in the name of the psychopathic butcher…

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