Du’aa – asking Allah Ta’aala to put our deen, our life, and our material world in order for us

Du'aa 52

Allaahumma aslih lii diiniyal-ladhii huwa ‘ismatu amrii, wa aslih lii dunyaayal-latii fiihaa m’aashii, wa aslih lii aakhiratiyal-latii fiihaa ma’aadii, waj-‘alil-hayaata ziyaadatan lii fii kulli khayr(in), waj’alil-mawta raahatan lii min kulli sharr.  (Abu Hurayrah. Sahih Muslim #4897)

O Allah, put in order for me my religion,which is my protection. put in order for me my material world in which lies my livelihood. put in order for me my life to come to which is my return. make life a means of increase for me in all that is good, and death a respite for me from every evil.


Without the din (religion) we are totally lost here and in the Hereafter.

(Source: Khalid Baig’s commentary to du’aa #52 in the Accepted Whispers: Munajat-e-Maqbul)

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