Du’aa regarding sins, worries, debts and needs

Du'aa 77

Allaahumma laa tada’ lanaa dhamban illaa ghafartah(uu), wa laa hamman illaa farrajtah(uu), wa laa daynan illaa qadaytah(uu), wa  laa hajatam min hawaa’ijid-dunyaa wal-aakhiati illaa qadaythaaa yaa arhamar-raahimiin. [Anas ibn Malik. Majma’ az-Zawa’id #17266]

O Allah, do not leave any of our sins except that you forgive them, nor any of our worries except that you remove them, nor any of our debts except that you discharge them, nor any of our needs from this world and the Hereafter except that you satisfy them. O the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.


(Source: Khalid Baig’s translation and transliteration of  du’aa #77 in the Accepted Whispers: Munajat-e-Maqbul)


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