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I have been invited by the Northcliff Masjid to give a brief explanation every night of what will be recited in the Tarāwīḥ Ṣalāh. Since I am making points of what I am speaking, I thought I may as well record them in a blog post as I progress. If Allāh wills, I shall update this post daily, instead of separate posts, as these are points and not full commentaries. I may also write a point about which I never had time to speak on.
سليمان الكندي
Twitter: @sulayman_Kindi

1. First Night – 1st Juz and 1st Quarter of Juz 2
• Relationship between Ramaḍān and revelation.
• Distinction between complete revelations and revelation over 23 years – ʾInzāl and Tanzīl
• The first letter of the Qurʾān “bi” is a conjunction and this is the essence of the entire Qurʾān – joining the Creator and His creation.
• ʾal-Fātiḥāh…

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