A warning from a Canadian Muslim convert group regarding the Conservatives anti-Muslim election platform

Inshaallah I will be voting this Monday. Being new to my riding, I researched to see who won in 2011 and who had the next highest number of votes – Conservatives won and Liberals were second highest votes. Though I’d prefer to vote NDP, I will be voting for the Liberals on Monday as they seem to have more support here than NDP, my vote will be strictly strategic.


A warning from a Canadian Muslim convert group regarding the Conservatives anti-Muslim election platform

With less than 100 hours left to the federal elections, our Canadian Muslim convert group (with over 100 members) would like to share our thoughts and concerns about the Conservative Party who, to get votes, instead of defending Muslims, have taken to bashing us. We disagree with Conservative flyers stating “Jihadist Terrorists, which only the Conservative party could protect us from.” In our opinion, a Conservative government will lead to more terrorist actions over the next few years. Over the last 10 years under the Conservative government, close to 10 Canadian terrorist attempts (including many by misguided Muslim converts) were made and this number will increase under the same government. The misguided motive of these terrorists has always been to retaliate for Canada’s role in Muslim lands where Western forces have caused close to 2…

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