Du’aa for Light

Duaa 103 1

Allaahummaj-‘al fii qalbii nuura(n) wa fii basarii nuura(n), wa fii sam’ii nuura(n), wa ‘an yamiinii nuura(n), wa ‘an shimaalii nuura(n), wa khalfii nuura(n), wa min amaamii nuura(n), waj-‘al lii nuura(n), wa fii ‘asaabii nuura(n), wa fii lahmii nuura(n),  wa fii damii nuura(n), wa fii sha’rii nuura(n), wa fii basharii nuura(n), wa fii lisaanii nuura(n), waj-‘al fii nafsii nuura(n), wa a’zmi lii nuura(n), waj-‘alnii nuura(n), waj-‘al min fawqii nuura(n), wa min tahtii nuura(n), Allaahumma a’tinii nuura. (‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas. Sahih al-Bukhari #5841; Sahih Muslim #1279)

O Allah, put Light in my heart, Light in my sight, Light in my hearing, Light to my right, Light to my left, Light behind me, and Light in front of me. (O Allah,) bestow upon me Light. (O Allah,) put Light in my muscles, Light in my flesh, Light in my blood, Light in my hair, Light in my skin, Light in my tongue, and Light in my soul. Make my Light great and make me all Light. And put Light above me and Light below me. O Allah, give me Light.

According to the ahadith, this du’aa should be made while going to the masjid for Fajr salat. The darkness of the surroundings at that time reminds us of the general darkness of the human condition. Those who wake up and walk to the masjid at this time are true seekers of light. We seek it from Allah Ta’aala, as He is the only source of light. There is no light and there is no enlightenment without Him. “And he for whom Allah has not appointed light, for him there is no light” (An Nur, 24:40).

(Source: Khalid Baig’s translation and commentary of du’aa #103 in the Accepted Whispers: Munajat-e-Maqbul)


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