Just one more…

You know it is your nafs when…

… you suddenly feel a need for chips right after you see the bag in the cupboard. No such craving existed moments before. Never mind that you just ate a filling meal a few hours ago where you stuffed that last morsel into your mouth thinking “I’m absolutely stuffed but… ‘chomp!’ chomp!’ ‘chomp!’… ah, there NOW I’m done! Oh… and alhamdulillah.” That one meal probably consisted of more food than many eat in a week and yet the chips, captured by the cameras of the heart and nafs, just won’t leave your thoughts… your nafs nags on: “gotta have it, you know you want it, just one, just two… argh! Just one more!” Oh, and wasn’t that the last cupboard you swung open after scanning the refrigerator and pantry full of food and declaring “there’s nothing to eat!”?

Just one more… just one more… just one more… the perpetual desire pushing you, enslaving you to: just one more!


Abundant pantries here, mudpies there… much worse elsewhere.


bir lokma ye bin şükür de
kaç gündür aç yatanlar var
üç yavrusu doysun diye
çorbaya taş katanlar var