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Women in Islam – Are Women Inferior to Men? Part IV: The Perfect Gauge

Alhamdulillah – just today, while conversing with friends, the swarm of words I’ve read and heard here and there, and life experiences in general came together in a shape that became meaningful and struck me with such profound recognition that I felt I must share it here: women are the perfect gauge for social units big and small. Oh, that just does not give justice to the thoughts but that’s about as concrete a description as I am able give.

If a woman struggles to offer her prayers, longs to do more in terms of deeds and worship to Allah Ta’aala but feels burdened with worldly responsibilities and tired from it all – what does this situation say about the men in her life? If she is in this state, can they be in a better state than her?

If a woman, whose primary place of worship is her home – everything she does within, including all obligatory acts of worship, can be and are acts of worship – struggles and is dissatisfied therein, then what must be the state of the men in her life? If she is in this state, can they be in a better position than her to make the journey out of their homes for worship and work?

If a woman struggles despite the responsibility men are given by Allah Ta’aala to provide for and care for women – then what must be the state of men in her life? If she is not properly provided for, can men be in a better position than her?

And if women struggle collectively or the struggle of women is visibly prominent, then what must be the state of the society she is a part of? Can she be in a worse state that the whole, or does she represent the state of the whole?

And what must be the state of the children?

Women are the perfect gauge. If problems are sensed, the sensible thing to do is to look deeper and get to the root of the problem… knowing that her struggles and dissatisfaction are likely symptoms of problems that are outside of the parameters of any control Allah Ta’aala has blessed her with. Don’t get me wrong, the issue is not so simple to point to this or that and say fix this link and all will be solved… no. However, seeing those interconnections may help shed some light on problems many families and societies face and relieve some of the blame and additional burden placed unfairly on some women.
How then can women be inferior to men if without women the superiority of men would be meaningless and with women superiority of men is impossible? If any exit, all similarities between the sexes must end at some point – be it chronological, physical or emotional, or more importantly – as described and ordered by Allah Ta’aala.

Women are the perfect gauge and therefore talk of inferiority or superiority between women and men is superficial and meaningless; however, talk about the inferiority/superiority of some family units and social constructs over others is possible.